No Boundaries

“No Boundaries captures the decline of small scale, coral reef-based fisheries and needed action through the eyes of Belizean and Jamaican fishers taking part in an exchange aimed at promoting awareness of issues and solutions across boundaries. The need ‘to fish cautiously’ and responsibly, set up marine protected areas, adopt better gear standards, and even seek jobs outside the sector to relieve pressure on overfished reefs, comes through clearly and compellingly in the words of fishers and managers in this short documentary.  Cooperating across boundaries along the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and the wider Caribbean to conserve shared resources is a goal that starts at the community level.”  Marea E. Hatziolos, PhD., Senior Coastal and Marine Specialist, The World Bank

“It was with some apprehension that I agreed to the filming of our Belize/Jamaica Learning Exchange as I had worked with numerous filmmakers in the past. My experience had always been one where the filmmakers’ agenda was the priority and the project that I worked on took a backseat. Working with Erika Johnson and her team was a completely different experience. We had a dynamic group of people and Erika’s team worked well with everyone involved. In addition to having a great repertoire with all those involved, the end result was an incredible production. The editor was able to pull together a very powerful message through an elaborate story and present it in such a way that has had everyone asking for more. I look forward to working with Erika and her production team in the near future.”  Julie Stockbridge, Belize Marine Program Manager, The Nature Conservancy

“The Jamaica-Belize Fisher Learning Exchange and the associated No Boundaries documentary is getting some very good feedback from as close as Mesoamerica in the Western Atlantic and as far asMicronesia in the Pacific. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of highlighting and sharing this experience both within and beyond TNC and insightful, meaningful media products such as No Boundaries are vital to such an effort.”  Nathalie Zenny, Jamaica Marine Program Manager, The Nature Conservancy

“No Boundaries provides a wonderfully balanced portrait of critical issues facing the management and sustainable use of Caribbean coral reefs.”  Professor Peter Mumby, Coral Reef Ecologist, University of Exeter

Rio Bravo

“We Energies is proud to support Rio Bravo and to partner with Programme for Belize.  This film does an excellent job of telling about the great work being done by the project staff and the priceless resources that are being preserved through their efforts.”  Donna Danihel, Senior Environmental Consultant, We Energies

“The Belize Rangers of the ‘Rio Bravo’ is an outstanding example of education and outreach on climate change, species protection and environmental stewardship in general.”  UtitiTree Carbon Company