Public Service Announcements

The public service announcement, Zebra Mussels Cut Feet, is an example from a series of eleven public service announcements helping to educate residents and visitors on steps to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species in Minnesota lakes and rivers.

Overview- AIS PSA Series

This eleven public service announcement series was a project by RMB Environmental Laboraties in collaboration with the Pelican River Watershed District.  The series was funded by the MN Department of Natural Resources, Central Region Sustainable Development Partnership, and area lake associations, coalitions and groups.

Personal Watercraft Recreationists- Do Your Part

Zebra Mussels- Cause Boat Motor Damage

Transferring Bait- Prevent AIS Spread

Waterfowl Hunters-Do Your Part

Inspect Your Watercraft- It’s the Law

Eurasian Watermilfoil- Chokes Lakes

Spiny Waterfleas- Fishing Nuisance

Flowering Rush- It’s not Fun