Short Documentaries

We produce short documentaries for education and outreach, entertainment, broadening awareness, training, and project development and support.  We use professional videographers and camera crew nationally and internationally to accomodate budgets and locations.

Sustainable Travel Tips

Short productions welcome travelers to destinations while giving sustainable tips around water and energy use, transportion, wildlife viewing, recreational activities, and enjoyment of local culture and history.

Underwater Videography

Coral-Friendly Explorers is an example of our projects using professional, underwater videographers.   Coral- Friendly Explorers, narrated by Philippe Cousteau, helps divers, snorkelers and water enthusiasts lessen their impact on coral reefs.  Aired on a popular cruise line, these videos are reaching millions of tourists annually. 

Training Videos

Training videos can be used as support tools in presentations or can be stand alone trainings distributed online or posted on websites.  Training videos help to inform and educate as well as alleviate staff time from repeating common instructions or explaining procedures.   Short videos ensure consistent messaging, provide visual support, allow viewers to watch repeately, and are valuable tools to provide volunteers to extend training beyond primary staff.

Education and Outreach

South Shore Productions helps organizations, government agencies, and businesses highlight their programs, projects, people, services, and culture for staff or volunteer recruitment, raising funds or support, education, outreach, promotion and engagement.

Travel Destinations

South Shore Productions provides quality, affordable video to small and large communities to highlight and promote local attractions and events, cultural and historic sites, recreational activities, outdoor parks and trails, businesses, schools, health facilities, and other community ammenities to attract tourism, recruit professional and skilled workforce, and provide a service to residents.







Public Service Announcements

The public service announcement, Zebra Mussels Cut Feet, is an example from a series of eleven public service announcements helping to educate residents and visitors on steps to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species in Minnesota lakes and rivers.

Featured Videos

View videos that  fit different interests, needs, and budgets featured in our eight video categories.

Rio Bravo- Belize


Rio Bravo is an example of a short documentary of Belize’s largest private reserve and flagship project for tropical forest conservation and sustainable development.  Our program was funded in part and featured on National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles program.


This video was funded by Solimar International and USAID welcoming travelers to Roatan, Honduras and providing sustainable travel tips.