Education and Outreach

South Shore Productions helps organizations, government agencies, and businesses highlight their programs, projects, people, services, and culture for staff or volunteer recruitment, raising funds or support, education, outreach, promotion and engagement.

Lakes Crisis and Resource Center

The Lakes Crisis and Resource Center used this video as an education and outreach tool to help raise support and funding for their services.


The Montessori Method

We did this production for Learning Zone Express and received a silver Telly award.

The Refuge

The Refuge is a production to help broaden awareness on homelessness in rural communities and to raise funds and support for their services.

M State- Administrative Management Technology

This video was produced to promote student recruitment to the Administrative Management Technology program at M State.

M State- Computer Network Security

These videos are an example of short, affordable videos to highlight programs to be used as a recruitment tool.

This program was produced to aid in student recruitment to the Computer Network Security program at M State, Detroit Lakes, MN campus.

Red Lake River Watch Project

This video was produced to promote the River Watch program to schools and gain support for the benefits of the program to students, teachers and communities.